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About Wilo

Wilo specialise in water supply and sewage, heating, cooling and air conditioning pumping systems for both domestic and industrial usage. Based in Dortmund, Germany, Wilo employs over 7000 people in 60 countries. They have over 140 years’ experience and sold over €187 million worth of pumps in 2012. Wilo units are known for their high-quality – their testing systems check each unit for deviations as small as 70 micrometres before each unit is ready to leave the factory.

Wilo At Northern Pumps

At Northern Pumps we stock the whole Wilo pumps portfolio and are able to help you with the installation and repair of your pumps/pumping systems. Speak to a member of our team to find out which system best suits your needs by calling 0800 130 3318. By clicking below you can get at a quick glance an idea of how Wilo pumps can be used.


Typical uses:

Heating, air-conditioning, cooling

Standard heating

A range of premium high efficiency wet motor pumps and energy saving or standard inline glanded pumps as well as lifting unit for condensates is available for your heating needs.

Floor heating

For your floor heating needs, Wilo manufactures premium high-efficiency pumps and single and twin headed standard pumps (max 2800 rpm).

Solar thermal/geothermal energy

To help you make the most of your solar or geothermal energy efforts, Wilo has a range of high efficiency and standard circulation and submerged motor pumps.

Air-conditioning, Cooling

A range of premium high efficiency, standard high efficiency wet motor pumps and energy saving or standard inline glanded pumps as well as lifting unit for condensates is available for your air-conditioning and cooling needs.

Hot water circulating

Circulating pumps are most often used to circulate domestic hot water, though are frequently also used for heating and air conditioning systems. Lowara's hot water circulating pumps can help you reduce wastage by making hot water immediately available when needed. The pumps we'd recommend for this purpose are wet rotor circulator pumps and in-line pumps. We also stock the pipe unions and flanges you'll need to finish the job.


Water supply

Rainwater utilization

Rainwater can be collected and reutilised in various ways, from landscaping to cleaning your car or even to flush your toilet depending on the complexity of the system that you build. To help you save on your water bill, Wilo offers pump systems with system separation, self-priming and non-self-priming pumps and systems and submerged motor pumps.

Water supply/pressure boosting

Scarce water pressure can be due to many factors, for instance, the building might be too high, demand might increase at peak hours or the water supply company may reduce the pressure. For domestic water supply we recommend you use self-priming or non-self priming pumps and systems. Commercial water supply can be improved using high pressure centrifugal pumps and pressure boosting systems at constant or variable speed. We also offer DIN-standards end-suction and axially split case pumps.

Fire fighting

Wilo produces fire-extinguishing systems in accordance with DIN 14462.

Raw water intake

Wilo builds industrial pumps for raw water intake from lakes, sea, etc. They range from simple single-head self-suction units to submerged motor pump systems.


We stock Wilo’s desalination submerged motor pumps such as the Wilo Sub –TWI 6-B or 8-B.

Commercial Agriculture

Pumping systems are typically needed in commercial agriculture for activities such as irrigation and waste disposal. Submerged motor pumps, high pressure centrifugal pumps, self-priming waste water pumps, pedestal pump and DIN-standards end-suction pumps are needed to create efficient agricultural systems.


Drainage and sewage

Waste water collection and transport

Different types of pumps are needed for drainage and sewage. Wilo produces a wide range of both wastewater drainage (Submersible pumps, lifting units, sump pump station, self-suction pumps) and wastewater sewage pumps (Submersible pumps -with or without macerator-, lifting units, sump pump stations. These, together with pedestal pumps, are used to treat hot water.

Dewatering/flood control

Another very important use for pumps is the dewatering of flooded areas, which can be actuated with submersible pumps and self-suction pumps.

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