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Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos Pumps

About Grundfos

Grundfos is one of the world’s leading pumps manufacturers. It was founded in Denmark in 1945 and has been sold in Britain since 1964. While the whole Grundfos Group employs more than 17,000 people in 55 countries, Grundfos UK employs 150 people – selling £122 million worth of pumps in 2011. Grundfos is committed to sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions; so much so that its pumps are now up to 99% recyclable.

Grundofs at Northern Pumps

Grundfos pumps can be used for a wide variety of purposes from agricultural water intake and distribution to fire protection, domestic and industrial building services. Speak to a member of our team to find out which pump will suit your needs the most by calling 0800 130 3318. By clicking below you can get at a quick glance of Grundfos pumps and pumping systems applications.

You can speak to a member of our team to find out which pump is right for you by calling 0800 130 3318. Alternatively, click below to find out about the most common ways in which the pumps are used.

Grundfos Pumps Range

Typical uses:

Agricultural water distribution, intake and treatment

Grundfos agricultural can help improve farms efficiency with modern electronically controlled drip/ microspray, sprinklers and pivot irrigation pumps, as well boost water pressure with pumps and accessories like the DMX range. The range also contains water disinfection, pH adjustment and reverse osmosis units.


Grundfos offers a great variety of pumps within the biofuel range for the treatment and handling of coolants, thermal oils and hot water.

Commercial and domestic building services

Different kind of pumps are required for the full hydraulic functioning of commercial and domestic buildings. The ALPHA2 range, for instance, includes high-efficiency heating and hot-water systems or APG pumps will treat all wastewater. Different types of shower pumps, as well as toilet pumps, are also available at Northern Pumps.

Fire protection

From small compact economical designs to high hazard pumps designed to protect industrial properties, Grundfos manufactures a wide range of firefighting pumps.


Dosing instrumentation such as Conex DIA-G or Contra, single and multi-stage, end-suction sanitary pumps are available within the Grundfos food range at Northern Pumps.

Industrial boilers

Ranges such as TP and TPE will cater for all commercial air conditioning and heating needs, while the DMH range is a series of very reliable and strong pumps designed for applications that require accurate dosing and where high chemical resistance is required.

Industrial Wastewater and Water Treatment

A great variety of multi-stage and single-stage end suction pumps are Grundfos response to industrial wastewater and water treatment.

Machining industry

MTR/SPK/MTH/MTA ranges include coolant and condensate pumps while, with the NK, NKG, NKE, NKGE ranges, Grundfos offers a virtually limitless range of long-coupled end-suction pumps.

Manufacturing industries

A large range of accessories like CUE frequency converters, BM booster module pumps or CR/CRE monitors for the monitoring of pump efficiency, cavitation and performance are within the Grundfos options for the manufacturing industry.

Marine, mining and pharmaceutical

Grundfos manufactures specific pumps and pumping systems for the marine, mining and pharmaceutical industry. Examples include the SMART digital dosing pumps range.

Temperature control

RC pumps are used for the circulation or distribution of liquid refrigerant. Within this category R100 remote allows wireless IR communication.

Washing and cleaning

Grundfos produces different types of dosing instrumentation (standard gas, pool, advanced gas and standard), measuring amplifiers and controllers such as Conex DIA-1, DIA-2, DIA-2Q

Wastewater treatment, transport

Mixers, flow makers, electronic motor protectors for asynchronous motors and pumps as well as drainage, effluent and sewage pumps are included in this large range for wastewater treatment and transport.

Water intake, distribution and treatment

MP1 Environmental pumps are used for the monitoring of the quality of water intake while DIT-L and DIT-M photometers are used for the distribution of water. Various sanitation pumps are available for the treatment of water.

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